We trust that the medications and medical devices that are recommended to us by doctors will heal us. We have a right to expect that these products will not hurt us. Our Atlanta defective drug attorneys have decades of experience helping innocent people hurt by medications and medical devices. This very fact demonstrates that too many large pharmaceutical companies and device makers cut corners with their products.

Defective products are always dangerous. But injuries caused by defective medical devices and drugs are particularly tragic. Modern prescription drugs and medical devices are exceptionally powerful. They act in complicated ways and stimulate your body to produce hormones and chemicals. As such, they must be carefully designed, calibrated and manufactured.

However, the profit motive often induces pharmaceutical companies into cutting corners with design and manufacture. These companies can also use unethical tactics to receive approval from overwhelmed and under-funded federal regulators.

Our defective drug attorneys have seen innocent patients hurt by:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Birth control medications
  • Birth control devices, including IUDs
  • Hip replacement devices
  • Vaginal mesh

It’s important to remember that all sorts of medications and devices can prove defective and hurt those they were intended to help. You should contact our defective drug attorneys if you’ve suffered an injury related to your use of a device or drug (prescription or over-the-counter). Defective drug litigation is exceptionally complicated and technical. It requires a keen understanding of difficult legal concepts, medicine and issues related to engineering and manufacturing. It’s important you find the right attorney to pursue your case.

Professional legal representation for drug recalls or defective medical devices is just a quick phone call away. Don’t wait to get the ball rolling when it comes to obtaining the compensation you are entitled to after any personal injury in Atlanta. When you need a professional Atlanta drug recall attorney, the firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates is ready to work hard for you. Our legal professionals will do their utmost to get you the highest possible compensation as quickly as possible.

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