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Motorcyclists are statistically far more vulnerable to road traffic accidents than other motor vehicles. Not only do they frequently sustain a great deal more serious injuries than drivers, their relatively small size, rapid speeds and lack of visibility can mean that they’re easy targets for dangerous incidents. We have experience in working on behalf of bikers who have been injured, assisting them with their compensation claims as well as dealing with any charges which are brought in the aftermath of an accident.

We’re On Your Side

No matter what your situation, our motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta will provide a non-judgmental, supportive service. Not only will they make sure that you’re kept fully informed on the progress of your case, they will also build coherent arguments in your favor so that everything possible is done to get you the result in court that you want. Even if the judgment isn’t in your favor, we will make sure that relevant character references and other information is brought to the judge’s attention, doing all we can to maximize the chances of a lenient sentence.

Specialist Knowledge

Road traffic law is a complex area which needs specialist knowledge to navigate successfully. Our lawyers have years of experience behind them, enabling them to offer sound legal advice and a helpful, supportive approach. Having worked on cases for bikers, and also where another party was riding a bike, they have a good understanding of the relevant case law.

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If you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident or have been charged with a criminal offense relating to your riding, our motorcycle accident attorney can help. We offer all our potential clients a free consultation to determine what legal alternatives are open to them. When you need a professional Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, the firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates is ready to work hard for you. Our legal professionals will work hard to defend your legal rights.

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