Atlanta Slip & Fall Attorney

When a slip or fall accident occurs – who is to blame? Unfortunately, the burden of proof for rewarding fair financial compensation to the victim typically leans to the insurance companies and big corporations; unless you’re defended by a smart and professional slip and fall attorney in Atlanta. The team at Marcus A. Roberts & Associates knows that people who are the victims of a slip or fall injury is entitled to just and fair compensation.

Slip and fall accidents occur regularly due to many different reasons, including foreign substances left on a floor, misaligned sidewalks, dilapidated stairs, and poor lighting, just to name a few. The attorneys at Marcus A. Roberts & Associates are well qualified and capable of determining the legal distinctions and duties owed by owners and occupiers of land and aggressively pursue those individuals on your behalf.

After meeting with you during our free consultation, we will review your case to determine the right course of action that is best for your individual situation. Once a case is accepted, our professional staff will communicate with you during all phases of your civil defense and work hard to ensure you are compensated justly. 

Professional legal representation for your slip and fall case is just a quick phone call away. Don’t wait to get the ball rolling when it comes to obtaining the compensation you are entitled to after any personal injury in Atlanta. When you need a professional slip and fall attorney in Atlanta, the firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates is ready to work hard for you. Our legal professionals will do their utmost to get you the highest possible compensation as quickly as possible.

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