The disruption that a personal injury causes can be life altering. The toll it takes on your finances and the sense of helplessness that stems from being injured is most often too much to bear alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this situation alone. The law firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates has quickly evolved to become one of the most dependable and ethical Atlanta personal injury lawyers in the State of Georgia. With every case we take and every client we serve passionately, you’ll have peace of mind that your best interest will be served.

Since 2007, our Atlanta based law firm has defended hundreds of clients in their personal injury legal cases. Our firm will handle all aspects of your injury case from the initial consultation through trial or settlement with efficiency, legal expertise, and professionalism. Our dedication to quality customer services and effective communication with our clients will allow you and your family members to have confidence that your legal rights are being defended by the best personal injury attorney in Atlanta. All of our associates and team members at the law firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates will ethically serve you – our clients; allowing you to rest and focus on healing and recovering from your injuries so you can live a full and comfortable lifestyle.

Professional legal representation for your personal injury case is just a quick phone call away. Don’t wait to get the ball rolling when it comes to obtaining the compensation you are entitled to after any personal injury in Atlanta. When you need a professional personal injury attorney in Atlanta, the firm of Marcus A. Roberts & Associates is ready to work hard for you. Our legal professionals will do their utmost to get you the highest possible compensation as quickly as possible.

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Our law firm offers multiple legal
services for people who are victims
of several legal personal injuries including:

  • Animal Bites                      
  • Negligent Security         
  • Work Injury
  • Product Liability                
  • Drug Recall                  
  • Motorcycle Injury
  • Failure to Diagnose           
  • Medical Malpractice      
  • Car Accident Injury